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Press conference

Ramón: “I’ve been dreaming of returning for a long time”

The Malaguista midfielder, who returned to the pitch today after almost a year, appeared in the press room after the match against Linares Deportivo. “What I felt today I hadn't felt for a long time; I thank my family, my partner and the fans that have always supported me,” he said.

Back after 343 days

“I feel pretty good. It's been a long time, quite complicated with many ups and downs. Playing at home again, in front of your fans and with your family watching you, for a Malaguista there is nothing that fulfils you more.”

Positive feelings

“I felt better than I thought because it was a tough game back and forth. I thought I participated a little less, it turned out well though, and from here it’s onwards and upwards.”

Going for more

“The normal thing is that as you continue training and the load accumulates, little by little you are participating more. It’s been a long process, you cannot overdo certain things, you have to be careful. If the coach sees it appropriate, hopefully there will be more minutes. I finished well, but I’m a little exhausted.”

Eager to return

“I’ve been dreaming of returning for a long time, to be with my teammates and in the dynamic. These contexts exist, we must learn from the first half and correct the mistakes. It will be a day that I will always remember.”

Thanks to those who’ve been there in the tough times

“I thank my family, my partner and the fans. Whenever I have met fans on the street face to face, they gave me encouragement and support. What I felt today had not been felt for a long time, I’m very happy and it’s a day I’ll never forget.”

Demanding final stretch

“We have to be demanding with ourselves, we always want to win. We have to accept that it was not our game, but there are eight left and, if we don’t move up directly, we’ll face the playoff in the best possible way.”