Pitch renovation at La Rosaleda Stadium

Following last night’s game between Castellón-Cornellà, the 19/20 football season has come to an end at La Rosaleda. Renovation works on the Blue and White pitch kicked off on Monday.


27/07/2020 17:16

As usual at the end of the season, during summer, the main pitch at Martiricos sheds its skin in order to be in the best possible conditions ahead of the start of the 2020/21 season.

The first task is the transition of the pitch via scarifying, shallow spiking and placing silica sand with seed. This process was carried out last week at the Annexe ground, the usual home of training for the first team.

The main objective is to weaken the raygrass that is currently present with the Bermuda grass. In addition, activation work is undertaken on the Bermuda grass, as having weakened raygrass means it has less competition and grows stronger. These works usually take 8-9 weeks to complete.

The pitch at La Rosaleda Stadium, following 11 months of intense activity, will be carefully renewed back to the same optimum conditions we’ve seen in recent years.

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