Pirandello Formación continues ‘Playing at Home’ for another season

The study centre, situated in Teatinos, specialises in exam preparation and language courses, and extends its association with the network of Malaguista businesses for another year.


23/09/2022 11:37

Pirandello Formación continues ‘Playing at Home’. The academy, located in Teatinos, on the first floor of Calle Pirandello 16, will continue to belong to the extensive list of Blue and White businesses for another year.

The academy specialises in exam preparations, at local, regional and provincial levels, as well as a wide range of language courses including English, Italian, German, French, Japanese and Russian. In addition, they teach support classes to secondary school groups.

With perfectly equipped facilities and a recently opened additional teaching space, Pirandello Formación believes face-to-face classes should be prioritised, key to the students’ good results.

Loyal Malaguistas can enjoy a 50% discount on the first monthly payment of any of their courses.

Thank you for staying on our ‘Playing at Home’ team for another year!

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