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Press conference

Pellicer: “We’ve taken another step, but nothing is done yet”

The Málaga CF coach held a press conference after the victory against Nástic de Tarragona at La Rosaleda. “We have to be brave and compete like we are doing,” he said.

High voltage match

“It was a high-voltage match, the lads competed well in extreme situations. We didn’t show our best version, especially in the first action of the second half. We thought we could get the second and then we conceded. Then it was a boxing match and the team knew how to react. One more step and a high-voltage game awaits us there.”

Team’s reaction

“The playoff has nothing to do with it. We’ve seen situations that in the regular league would have been more closed, yet it opened up at certain times. We are an uncomfortable rival. We must stress the team's reaction, it was a hard blow in the first minute of the second half. We had to sacrifice a central defender as we had two cards. We were forced to make the changes of Kevin, Jokin and Manu due to fatigue. I’m very happy with the work of the team. One more game to go.”

Intensity and soul in front of our fans

“It doesn’t matter to me if there are losses, each action is the most important, but you have to look at the next play after the mistake. The first action of the second half was a pity as we had the option of playing a long game and scoring the second, defending upfront. We didn’t press as much as we usually do. Then the team competed, causing the rival to make mistakes. It was a very even match and the team that put more intensity and more soul won, and in front of our fans who always give us that extra boost.”

Everything to play for

“In this tie, without the pitch factor, it’s very important to achieve victory. A very tough game awaits us there, but I hope we give our best version. Because today without giving it a chance we competed very well and won.”

The set piece is key

“The set piece there is also going to be crucial. They handle direct play, transitions and set pieces very well. We are also strong, the action of the first goal is something we’ve worked hard on and gives you a lot of joy due to the behind the scenes work of the coaching team, in this case Manolo. The set piece is going to be key and it will mark the tie.”

All the players are raring to go

“You have to calm things down so that the players are focused on the game. It is very important that Jokin came in, David Larrubia had discomfort, Einar, Kevin, Carlos Puga, Dioni were scheduled to play. They are all pumped up, we are one goal away. We have to go look for victory. And that goal appears from an invisible player. We try to work to make them understand that that magical moment that all footballers have can emerge, and that is what we’re trying to find.”

The fans are incredible

“The fans and the welcome we received was incredible. How they encourage us in difficult moments, which the players are really aware of. The week is going to be very calm, tomorrow we rest, on Monday recovery and Tuesday and Wednesday we will go to Marbella. We have to continue with the same enthusiasm and optimism. Reaching this situation at the beginning of the season, playing the last game depending on us… Nothing is done, it is going to be a very tough match in Tarragona.”

Responsibility and attitude

“I leave happy with the attitude, I see a lot of responsibility and joy. We have to be brave and compete like we are doing and improve the details we’ve missed. I congratulate the boys as what they’re doing is incredible.”