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Press conference

Pellicer: “We’re ready for what’s to come”

The Málaga CF coach held a press conference after the victory in Valdebebas to end the regular season. “In the playoff you experience the most beautiful games," he stated.

A very important win

“The most important thing was to focus on today's game. We were facing a rival with a lot of talent. It was complicated because of the level of tension as we had a lot at stake. We started well, then we got stuck, but adjusted well in the second half. We had to make changes because we couldn't take risks with the cards and injuries. We have to value that we have achieved 70 points. Third place gives us that home ground factor for the first round with the second leg at home, which is important for us.”

The playoff: tough rivals and details

“I’ve spoken with Raúl as last year they experienced it. They were one minute away. If any player had cleared that ball we wouldn’t have played against Castilla today because they would be in the Second Division. We have to control those types of details.”

Malaguistas’ loyalty

“The fans have given many messages in recent years. They are amazing. The fans have been there all year long, always accompanied us. Thank you for everything, for that purity and that fidelity you have.”

Great football and Ferreiro’s experience

“The younger players learn a lot from David Ferreiro, he’s like a teacher of how to understand the game. I'm happy for him, he's working very well. He inspires the younger players, who are going to be like his 'students' in these games, and will be vibrant and passionate.”

Good regular season

“The draws penalized us a lot, but we scored 70 points in the season. There have been better and worse moments, but arriving this way gives us more confidence. The players have to gain self-esteem.”

Celta Fortuna, rival in the playoff

“Let's see what their situation is. They have players in the first team. They have a very high competitive level, a very clear structure, with a line of three and a lot of dynamism. We'll analyse the team. Reserve teams are unpredictable. Today Castilla changed 5 or 6 players compared to Intercity. We are going to focus, we will have time to review them calmly, although their structure is very clear.”

Always seeking victory

“Our idea is to go there and win. The most beautiful games are experienced in the playoffs. You have to live them with passion, courage and determination. We have to focus on winning the game. I see the lads very excited, as are the fans. That's contagious.”