Pellicer: “We’re full of energy and enthusiasm”

The Blue and White coach held a remote press conference at La Rosaleda the day before #MálagaPonferradina. “We want to improve our stats at home and win the three points”, he stated.


22/01/2021 13:50

Rival, Ponferradina

“A fresh week to kick off the second round. We’re starting from scratch and aiming to win the three points. We’ve up against a rival that has enjoyed a winning streak, putting them in the mid-high part of the table. They don’t need to dominate, they have a solid block as do all rivals, it’s not going to be easy. They have very clear automatisms”.

Improving at home

“We’re going to have that home statistic all season. We want to improve our stats at home and continue with our results away from home. It’s about clearing our minds, starting from scratch, with 21 games coming up in four blocks. The first block is tremendously important, particularly in terms of continuing to score points. And to improve on our first-round figures. At home we need to win more of the three points at stake, and be more balanced over the 90 minutes. We need to look forward, forget the good and bad of the first round, as this doesn’t stop. We’re full of energy and enthusiasm”.

Defence and attack

“We have to work on all aspects of play. We’re focusing on maintaining the defence/attack balance. Having that pause in attack, we’re a highly electric team. In defence it’s about being a solid block. It’s a mixture of things, and for me in the first-round there were more positives”.

Matos and Benkhemassa

“Joaquín (Matos) is getting stronger all the time. He might be available next week. ‘Benkhe’ has noticed a discomfort, we don’t think it’s anything serious, but the injury will be assessed tomorrow. We have 15-16 professionals plus the reserve team lads and ‘juveniles’. We’re living on the edge, we’re on top of them all the time and manage the so-called invisible training. This is a highly aggressive, demanding sport, but we don’t see it as a problem”.

Objective and humility

“We all have room for improvement. Our way of thinking is that we’re on kilometre 0 out of 21 kilometres. It’s very important to have a clear objective when you reach the final stage, so the matches aren’t like finals. We must improve at home and continue our dynamic in away games. On a technical-tactical and emotional level it’s about knowing how to recover in a match; we’re working hard every day and I’m optimistic about that. With that same level of humility, we can take steps forward”.

A match of moments

“They didn’t compete in the Cup and before the break they played ahead of us. They’ve had time for a mini pre-season. I think we’ll find a very close game, similar to last year. It will be a match of moments, which I think will be mentally and physically wearing. The 90 minutes will be tough and hard-fought”.

The Academy

“I think we need a house where all the lads can be together. It will increase the sense of belonging, to be able to work in a house, every morning, and be all together, as is the case with many teams. This would improve all the stats. The most important thing is it will remain there, for all Malagueños, and be a crucial step for the Club. It’s the best setting to grow and achieve the dreams of any Malagueño player”.

Quiet winter market

“We are aware of our circumstances and are handling them. We are who we are, and when faced with problems, we find solutions. We’re very happy with the group we have. You have to reinvent yourself, and opportunities will arise for the guys. We’ll fight to become a team that improves in the second round. I think we’ll have the same photo until the end of the season and add more young players to the ones we’ve got”.

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