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Press conference

Pellicer: “We weren’t good at all, but I trust the players”

The Málaga coach held a press conference after the draw against San Fernando CDI. “The players are having quite the season, we have a team to advance in the playoff that today we qualified for mathematically,” he said.

Review of #SanFernandoMálaga

“It was a match in which we didn’t play well, it was truly crazy, especially because of what happened at the end. In the first half we had some control, yet it was poor as in the second play they beat us. The actions we had in the rival half penalised us in making decisions with two forwards. It was an even match, we planned it knowing we’d be fatigued in the last 20 minutes, where we believed we were going to have more options. In the first half, with Moussa injured, they got the first chance and scored. From there, football is what it is, our goalkeeper had to score today playing with two forwards. We weren’t good at all, we have to improve and it has to help us so that the dynamic changes at the decisive moment. In that minute of madness where the goalkeeper scores there are teams that change dynamics and we have to do the same. We are a little saturated, the person most responsible is me. It seems a little unreal, today we are mathematically in the playoff and there is a tense atmosphere. I have to try not to make it worse because the boys need to be much calmer.”

Change the dynamic ahead of the playoff

“The players are having quite the season. If someone told us that we had the team to move up directly, we were wrong. But we do have the team to go up in this situation. At this point, with the points we have and the problems we’ve had with young people and competing, I give a very high rating to the players and the team. During this part of the season we haven’t been at our best, we are saturated, we are changing and making decisions, and it isn’t working out. We are people, we have to work on the mental aspect. We are in a month that is the most important in recent years. We have reached the playoff, we could finish fifth, fourth or third, which has now become a bit complicated, but the team is going to fight. There are 80 teams, two are going up and we have a chance. We have to insist and give our best. The level of the last few games hasn’t been good. Let's see if it can change the mood and provide other mechanisms to improve.”

The team competes even when playing poorly

“The players are giving their all and are doing very well, they are giving a high performance. There are positive things, I have the best group for many years and we have to get the most out of it. There has to be noise, but we have reached the playoffs. There are teams that have to wait four years and we are in the first year and we’re fighting. It’s clear that at this level it will be difficult, but I have a lot of confidence in the lads and that can change at any time. We are a team that competes, we have soul.”

Promotion options

“I'm very confident that the odds are on our side. There are eight teams with two groups, 25%. When you start the season, the percentage is lower. We have to improve, we have a historic shield and long-suffering fans. We have to keep things in perspective as you can win or lose, but the next day the sun rises. Football is about passion and feeling, but there are more important things in life.”

The Iberoamericano 2010, a tough ground

“We played badly today. The team is there, at this ground the top three have lost. When a team is at risk, life is complicated. I don't agree that the game was embarrassing, we were wrong, but the team gave everything.”

Struggle to generate chances

“We’ll continue on. Today, playing with two forwards, it was difficult for us to overcome the first line. When you surpass them, crosses arrive and nothing happens. We have to threaten from upfront, if we don't shoot on goal the rival will grow and that happened today. We didn’t finish two or three actions in the first half and the opponent took a step forward and created situations behind us. It was a goal from a direct play, not from positional play. We have a lot to reflect on, we are in that process and things are not working out.”

Variations in the line-up

“We have to look for solutions, we are not having any luck. Moussa is training very well and in the first action he gets injured, Einar was not one hundred percent either. A striker scores a goal and changes the dynamic. There are players that we have to know how to detect with the detective's nose, players that no one sees and since they are not playing, they have a clear head and give performance. We will continue looking for solutions. The players are doing everything possible. I ask the fans to give all the love possible to them, we are in a very important moment. We know that we have to improve the level but they are the real protagonists and they need to keep a clear head.”

Moussa’s injury

“He has a sprained ankle, we’ll see what the tests say, but it seems important.”

Photo: Javier Díaz