Pellicer: “We should be proud of this group”

The Malaguista coach held a remote press conference following the victory against AD Alcorcón: “The players worked hard for this and they needed it”.


30/01/2021 20:47

Victory against a great rival

“Defeats generate a great deal of self-doubt, whilst victories boost energy and self-esteem. This group has grit and pride. It was a tremendously difficult match on a pitch where it was hard to control the ball and find spaces. In the first half there were times when the rival was superior, but in the second half we managed the game better, knowing the difficulties, controlling the rival’s anxiety as well as our own. I don’t think the opponent’s place in the standings represents their gameplay. I wish them all the best”.

A solid group

“We need the whole group, some days some of the team will play, then on other days the rest of the team will get their turn. The players believe and we must be proud of them. We need to carry on, it’s about work, work and more work. We’re thrilled for the victory and the team. Now it’s time to prepare for the match against Real Zaragoza”.

A very difficult match

“Both teams knew it was going to be a very close match. It was about not making mistakes, which are hard for the spectator to see and are decided by a set piece or a transition like ours. Football is a game in which the winning team has to dominate time, space and opportunity. We were on a par in terms of time and space, but we were more fortunate in regard to opportunity”.

The players believe

“The players suffer, but those who are really having a hard time are those in hospital with Covid-19. In football you have to know how to win or lose and then rebuild yourself. The players worked hard for this and they needed it. They are people who suffer too. Today the players won because they believed. That must be valued”.

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18/05/2021 10:33 | First team

Málaga CF’s training schedule

There’s no time to rest for the team during this final stretch of the competition. Following yesterday’s clash with Real Oviedo, the lads are back to work to prepare for the upcoming duels against Girona FC (Thursday 20) and CD Leganés (Monday 24).