Pellicer: “We must continue with the same humility and ambition”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference following the #LogroñésMálaga win. “We dare to dream, despite the difficulties; we dedicate this victory to Lombán”.


14/03/2021 16:39

Second consecutive win

“We’ve secured two wins on the bounce, the team has showed consistency and conveys positivity. We dare to dream, despite the difficulties. One of the players tested positive for COVID-19, David Lombán, there was a great deal of concern within the group, and we dedicate this victory to him. Although there’s still a long way to go, we’re excited, yet calm. Who would have thought we’d have 40 points at this point in the season? We must continue with the same humility and ambition, as we know what it costs to achieve a victory. I’m proud of the group, rebuilding itself in the face of all adversities”.

Match review

“They got off to a better start, with a loss of possession and Juan Soriano’s save. Up until the 35th minute, they were where they wanted to be, with a slower pace of play. It was a tough game, and any mistake could have tipped the balance in favour of the other side. The goal gave us more peace of mind. In the second half, except for the final two actions, we generated more opportunities. A second goal would have allowed us a greater sense of calm”.

Loren’s debut

“He’s been performing very well with the ‘juvenil’ squad. Every time he trains with us we see things, but we need to take it easy. This is a good day for him, and he should be congratulated. It also sends out a message to all the young lads, that Málaga flies the flag for the youth teams. We don’t put up walls, he joined the game in a difficult context at 0-1 and there was a lot at stake. These minutes are worth more than 10 matches in his category. He’s another player to add to the group, he must keep working hard and taking steps forward gradually”.


“We’ll take each day as it comes and keep our feet on the ground. As soon as we reach the longed-for 50 points, we’ll talk about the next step. We don’t need to put more pressure on ourselves, we need to convey a message of enthusiasm. Now it’s time to focus on Tenerife and win our third straight game for the first time this season, which is another challenge”.

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18/05/2021 10:33 | First team

Málaga CF’s training schedule

There’s no time to rest for the team during this final stretch of the competition. Following yesterday’s clash with Real Oviedo, the lads are back to work to prepare for the upcoming duels against Girona FC (Thursday 20) and CD Leganés (Monday 24).