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Press conference

Pellicer: “We have to work hard, people want facts”

The Málaga coach appeared before the media at a press conference ahead of the match against Atlético de Madrid B: “We are preparing to achieve the victory that we haven’t managed to in the last three games,” he said.

Atlético de Madrid ‘B’

I really liked the first leg here, a young, dynamic and self-confident team. At their stadium they have played well in all but one game. They are one of the youngest teams in the category. You have to know how to attack, they have a high pace throughout play and it's going to be complicated. We are preparing to achieve the victory that we haven’t managed to in the last three games. We have that duty because the most important thing is coming up.”


Balance and demand

I expect more from everyone, we must have a bit of balance. We’ve come from three draws, the home game against Linares penalised us more, where the first half cannot be repeated. We have to reevaluate ourselves to analyse and continue improving. We have to be calmer and have balance, the mental aspect is very important and the players must be focused. We all have to give more, improve things and strengthen. With seven matches left we are fighting to achieve the goal. There are two ways to do that and we cannot fall. We have won four and drawn four in the last eight games. The requirement of this Club is that you have to be ambitious from humility. Continue working as hard as possible to give everyone more.”


Commitment is shown with hard work

Less talking and more doing, but this is only done with honest work. This is a game, you have to do a global analysis of all the teams in the category and see what it costs everyone. You don't win with the shield or messages of popularity. We have to focus on facts and hard work, give our best and it will either come to us or it won’t.”


Framework agreement with provincial teams

I think it's sensational, the Academy is the future. Let there be unity between Málaga and all the associated clubs. I have gone to the Puerto Malagueña ground, La Virreina, Conejito… This is the key so that the players don’t go 100-200 kilometres away.”


Possible starting-11

For me the initial photo isn’t important, it’s about how we finish. It's going to be a match of physical and mental exhaustion, we have to be prepared and the player who comes out gives that bit extra. The changes depend on the game plan, whether they are harming the opponent or they are harming you. It’s difficult to give that level coming off the bench, we are working on the mental aspect so that it gives the team something more.”


A new revalidation

Everyone needs to win. There are continuous messages and we are judged every week, I understand it that way and the players have to understand it. We have to work hard, people want facts. The beautiful thing about football is this, every week we have a difficult test. We have to study more, work harder, to achieve victory.”