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Press conference

Pellicer: “We have to be ambitious, it’s important how we reach the final stretch”

The Málaga coach held a press conference before the match against Real Murcia at La Rosaleda. “We want to continue reaffirming ourselves and fighting to do our best in the last five matches,” he stressed.

Real Murcia, a fierce rival

“This is a team that has changed a lot, very different to the first round match. They have a lot of history and a squad made to fight for the top spots, which they’re doing. They are team that concede very little, play very long games and are one of those that receive the fewest shots on goal. It will be a totally different game in that respect. We are ready and happy with the victory the other day. This is a very important moment, not long to go now.”

Optimism and encouragement at La Rosaleda

“We are doing positive things, with things to improve on. In front of our fans, we have to give our all and reengage. Victories are a state of mind and the mind is tremendously important.”

A hypothetical playoff

“This match is key as it would help us to continue fighting to achieve the goal. The rival is having a great second round and we would distance a team that is going to go further and has direct clashes. We must continue reaffirming ourselves and fighting to achieve the best we can in the last five matches. It’s important to transmit positive energy in the final stretch and we do that with a win.”

Importance of the collective

“Now is a time for everyone to participate. There is less and less left and some players will participate less. We need rebellious players with a lot of personality, it’s like a casting for everyone because the performance is constantly updated. Let's be prepared for the moment of truth. I emphasise that the minutes are of quality, everyone is participating and everyone wants to be the protagonist. In this casting we see who is going to break the door and who isn’t, I am very happy with the day-to-day training and how they’re working.”


“We want to gain another three points and get as many as we can. We know how important it is to win this match, it gives you a high percentage to fight in the hypothetical playoff. We have to be ambitious, it’s important how we reach the final stretch. We have to get there in the best way possible and achieve the maximum number of points to be able to fight for everything.”