Pellicer: “We didn’t deserve another ending”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference following the win at La Rosaleda against CD Castellón, corresponding to the final LaLiga SmartBank match of the season.


30/05/2021 23:51

Great end to the season

“There’s a contrast of feelings but I’m proud of the group. We didn’t deserve another ending. The results were unfair when you consider the effort the team was making. We needed a positive result. We gave our all. We have given our last drop of sweat here tonight and our blood transfusion is Blue and White”. 

Adopted Malagueño

“It’s impossible to find this level of affection. I'm not from Málaga, yet coming here, being a player and growing as a youth coach, making my way through all the categories, is incredible”. 

You’ll soon be back, Malaguistas

“We’ve only had four matches with the fans. I would have liked our supporters to have been there. Hopefully they’ll soon be back as they are the Club’s greatest heritage. The biggest regret is not being able to enjoy the fans, not feeling their support”.