Pellicer: “I’m not 100 per cent and need to step aside”

The coach has officially announced he is stepping down from the helm of Málaga CF at the end of the season. “After all this time, I’ve made the most difficult decision on a professional and personal level”.


18/05/2021 14:35

The coach wanted to personally announce his decision to the media. Pellicer, accompanied by judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, and sports director, Manolo Gaspar, held an extensive press conference where he clarified the details of his departure.

No longer continuing at MCF

“Firstly, thanks to José María for being here. Manolo, many thanks also to you and your group. Thanks to Duda and Paco (Martín Aguilar) for all the trips we’ve taken and the closeness we’ve had. Also to my coaching staff, medics and the people behind the scenes; you know all the hard work that goes on. Above all, the players. These true warriors who have overcome all adversities.

After all this time, I’ve made the most difficult decision on a professional and personal level. The heart says one thing, you know that I feel like a true Malaguista, but it’s true that the emptiness you feel when you’ve given everything means it’s time to step aside. It’s the most difficult decision and I can’t stop thinking about a question that my daughter asked me, have you thought about it, dad? They are situations in which we cannot delve into. We all know that behind each professional there is a person. I’m eternally grateful to Jose María for giving us the stability the Club needed. Manolo, thank you so much. What can I say? Forever grateful for your hard work. You have made this year and a half as easy as possible for us, despite the circumstances. To Paco, to all of you who are here; the medical services, staff, all the Club employees, maintenance, cleaning, security, etc. thank you.

To all of the coaching staff, together with Josemi, I want to say that you have an incredible sense of belonging. To the fans that we have missed, I love you all. Thanks to players from this season and last. You are the true protagonists with your hard work, sacrifice and belief. Thank you all. The decision is a personal one I want you to know that I hold you all in my heart. Also, to the media, for the respect you’ve shown from day one, both in criticism and in praise. We’ve always sought the best for the team, above ego. The Club is above everything. Finally, to my wife and my daughter, they know all the hard work and effort that has been put in. Thank you all”.

A very tough decision

“I have everything here, there’s no better place than here. My family is from here, I have grown up here, I was a player here, I started out at the bottom, this is my comfort zone. It was such a hard decision. My daughter already asked me: Dad, have you thought it through? These are situations that are not marked by a certain date, but I wasn’t able to announce it until the objective was achieved mathematically. Here the group has always prevailed, and it will continue to be that way. We spoke with Manolo and José María and they gave me my time. I thank you very much for your patience. It’s a very difficult situation on a personal level, but there’s nothing untoward. It’s a question of physical wear and tear, of emptiness after a very tough year and a half that makes you think things over. I have everything here, finding a better place is going to be impossible. For me the highest priority is to be at peace within yourself. I don’t think anyone could say anything to us, neither to the players, coaching staff, medics, or the sports management. We’ve given every last drop of sweat and will continue to do so until the last game. That’s it”.


“The most painful thing involves the fans. This group of players hasn’t been able to enjoy a day with the Malaguistas. That's why I say we miss them. Anyone who knows the ins and outs of the day to day knows that the fans must be very proud of this team. We can leave with a clear conscience. Of course, life goes on and the most important thing is the Club. I think that when you are unable to give 100 per cent, it’s important to step aside, even when it’s not the easiest thing to do. I say again that I have it all here. The fans can’t wait to see their team again, and I think in that sense we’ve taken a step forward. As Manolo said, Málaga CF is a brand, the Club has nothing to do with the one from two or three years ago”.

There is still work to do

“We have 12 days and three matches left and no one doubts the commitment and the hours of work that we are going to dedicate to the final stretch of the season. The only focus is on preparing for the upcoming game and playing it at the highest level. My mind is on what we have remaining and then we'll see what will happen”.

The players are the true protagonists

“You don't know half the effort that these players and those of last season have put in, particularly in light of the adverse circumstances, and of course the pandemic. They are the true protagonists. New people have arrived, players who have been injured and teammates who have supported them, others have stepped up and are helping the team. I remain with the group as they know the effort we’ve made. Every weekend those who go out there are the players, they are the ones who save the team and achieve the objectives. They are the true protagonists”.

The Club has a brighter future

“A year and a half ago, we saw little future at a sporting and institutional level. Now there’s a future with everything that has been achieved this year. Manolo knows perfectly well how everything works and the future is much brighter than it was a year and a half ago. The Club and the fans deserve to have the resources to be able to strive for greater things. Steps are being taken and in the not-too-distant future, this team will be fighting for what the Club and the fans deserve”.


Manolo Gaspar

Pellicer has made his decision

“Firstly, thank you to Pellicer and the coaching team for their impeccable work. They have been essential in getting the Club to where it is. We’ve always said that this project was all about Pellicer and wherever he was, but in this situation, we can do very little. We’ve done everything on our side, we have always helped each other in everything, we were as one. My job is to be prepared and for Málaga CF to continue. There will be another coach with whom we’ll work side by side, but until the end of the season, Pellicer deserves all my respect, and I will help him in whatever way I can. We only have words of thanks for him. The best thing for Pelli now is to move on, and it’s also the best thing for Málaga CF. We need him to be at full throttle and full of energy”.


José María Muñoz

Grateful for the coach’s hard work

We must remember that he took over the team under very difficult circumstances. Soon after, a judicial administrator arrived who is not used to the world of football. He had an extremely tough preseason as it seemed that we were not going to be able to compete, and then do so with 18 professional players and two serious injuries. We understand the fatigue, we wish you the very best of luck. There has been no bad atmosphere, quite the opposite, there has been a very good relationship since we met. The first thing he told me is that he wanted me to be here by his side. I fully support him and wish him the best for the future. Thank you once again for everything you have done”.

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