Pellicer: “Every game sets a different record for us”

The Blue and White coach looks ahead to tomorrow’s #MálagaAlmería clash in a press conference: “We’re facing a top-level, gruelling game”, he said.


29/03/2021 19:49

Pride and excitement

“When we say we’re at the limit it’s due to the circumstances of the competition and the limitation of the professional registrations. We’ll wait until the last minute tomorrow to see which players we’ll prepare for the starting line-up, so those who are in action will be at 100 per cent. It’s an honour to watch them work, particularly in the face of all the adversities, and due to the excitement daily training generates”.

Different records

“There’s a long way to go, we want to reach the 50-point mark and be ambitious. We know it costs us a lot to earn points. Now we’re a pretty good distance away from the drop zone, but we need to keep accumulating points and looking forward. Every match, taking into account injuries and suspensions, sets a totally different record”.

UD Almería

We’re facing a top-level, gruelling game tomorrow, against a rival who is the best in the category in terms of positional attack, circulation rate and generating the most opportunities. They typically create a minimum of seven, eight or nine clear chances, which is no easy feat in this division”.


“We need to be much more solid in relation to the match the other day against Cartagena, which was another context. We must defend extremely well so as to improve our attack”.

Talking about... Pellicer

06/05/2021 13:04 | Training

More strategy training at the Annexe

The team returned to training for the third session of the week at La Rosaleda’s facilities. Luis Muñoz, for the second consecutive day, was integrated into the group at a good pace.