Parity, the value of local experience

A new business joins our ‘Playing at Home’ initiative at the start of the 22/23 season. Parity guarantees quality and experience in Málaga in the competitive computer services sector.


22/09/2022 09:54

The Parity headquarters are situated on Calle la Gitanilla 17, in the Promálaga building. In 2006, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive computer services was established, offering solutions and helping other companies grow by using advanced technology.

Their main objective is to offer global solutions to professionals, administrations and private users, to facilitate the use of information technologies. They are committed to adapting to client needs and those of their business in a practical and efficient way.

Parity's values are based on teamwork, innovation, continuous improvement, integrity and transparency, where every detail counts.

Their relationship with Málaga CF is sentimental, and thanks to ‘Playing at Home’, they offer Loyal Malaguistas a 10% discount when taking out computer maintenance plans with Parity. Thank you for Playing at Home with us!

For more information visit or call 951 98 26 88.


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