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Málaga CF Female

Noelia Salas returns home

The Malagueña player, who spent 11 seasons in her first stage with MCFF, arrives from Granada to reinforce the squad in the second round of the competition.

Noelia Salas is back at Málaga CF, at home. The 30-year-old midfielder becomes a new Blue and White player and she arrives, in principle, until the end of the season to reinforce Rubén Gallego's ranks.

Knowing the house well, the Malagueña player began her career at the Club, where she spent 11 seasons. Subsequently, Noelia moved to Granada, where she has played for five years.

During her presentation as a Málaga CF Femenino player, Noelia Salas appeared before the Club's media. The new player showed her excitement about returning to where she considers her home: “For me, Málaga is home. I am very happy to return home. I was here for 11 seasons and it was always clear to me that I was going to return. I think I’m going to bring experience to the team, a lot of enthusiasm and some goals.”

Welcome home, Noelia!