New week of preparations

Following a day off yesterday, the Blue and Whites returned to training today at the Federación Malagueña de Fútbol ground.


26/07/2021 12:24

The Malaguista squad stepped on to the pitch at the Federación Malagueña around 09:00 this morning. Following a brief team talk by José Alberto, the lads started the session with physical-preventive exercises, followed by work on defence and matches featuring higher and equal numbers.

Larrubia underwent part of the session as he gradually re-joins the group. Haitam was absent today due to a blow to the right knee he sustained in the last match against Sevilla Atlético. The remaining injured players continued their recoveries in the gym.

The team will return to training tomorrow at 09:00 at the Federación Malagueña de Fútbol.

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08/08/2021 11:05 | Training

Last training session of the preseason

The Malaguista squad was in training at La Rosaleda’s facilities today, the final session of the summer preseason before the first week of the league competition kicks off.