“My goal is to form a team that engages everyone”

Following the presentation of Manolo Reina as a new Blue and White goalkeeper, Málaga CF’s Sporting Director, Manolo Gaspar affirmed that he has “reset” and is “full of enthusiasm.”


22/06/2022 15:31

Manolo started by analysing last season: “The only thing you can do is apologise. We didn’t achieve what we wanted to achieve. The responsibility lies with me. We were very excited and at the start of the season we were all extremely hopeful. We were a record team at home, but then the results didn’t go our way. We lacked leadership on the pitch, experience, and doing what we needed to do to maintain that level. The responsibility is mine. It's been a horrible year. I need to learn from this and correct the mistakes. It’s important that we all reset and be self-critical, taking into account what each one of us has to do.”

Along that same line, he recalled the bittersweet farewell at home. “I understand the fans. The day we played Burgos I left with a feeling that’s hard to explain. We managed to stay in the division in the worst way possible, and we were upset for a long time. I always admit to my mistakes,” he stated.

Manolo explained that the planning of the previous season was impacted by the salary cap. The figure was increased in the subsequent months thanks to the “hard work of the marketing department, the sponsors and the institutions,” whom he thanked for their support. He is optimistic about the coming season: “I’m clear about where I’m going to move.”

“I have reset and am full of enthusiasm,” continued Manolo Gaspar “in full planning mode. My goal as sports director is to form a team that engages everyone, and that people can identify with. This is my goal. To reset and start from scratch,” adding that with Pablo Guede “there’s a great deal of communication between us. We complement each other pretty well.”

In regard to the start of the transfer window, “we had very clear ideas and we wanted to attack it from the beginning. It’ll be a long market and will be open until 1st September. We’ve started with very clear operations and are on track from the outset,” said the Blue and White manager. “The players want to come to Málaga and the image of Málaga is not what it was two years ago. It was very difficult to convince the players.”

As for possible revenue from transfers, “everything adds up. We have what we have, with the help of our institutions, television rights, Ticketing, a number of player sales... But we’re planning without any external factors,” affirmed Manolo, who is focused on the goal of the upcoming season: “Málaga cannot fight to stay in the division. We have to aspire to be a competitive, recognisable team. There are examples of medium budgets competing against high budgets. We’ll see what happens in April or May, but the goal is to be competitive every week. Not fighting for permanence, that's not Málaga's goal.”

The mental aspect is key for any player who joins the team. “We’re focusing a lot on having the right mindset. In the end the objectives are fulfilled by the groups. Without the right mindset, (a player) hasn’t got the right profile for Málaga,” said Manolo, who is happy with the reinforcements to the coaching team: “It’s an honour to have Tapia with us. We’ve always had such a great relationship with him. The coaching team will have a good vision with him, he’s highly respected. Bravo, Capa, Tapia, Enrique… They are people who belong to the Club, they’ve experienced this season and want to turn it around. Everyone knows Toni Mengual, and creating this Goalkeepers’ Department is very important for the Club.”

Finally, Manolo said he is “at the Club’s disposal. I was offered the position back in the day and I decided to take the bull by the horns. I knew the pressure in such a big city, but I’ve always felt supported. But now it’s time to reverse the situation. I’m used to it and am prepared for what may happen,” he concluded.

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