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Press conference

Muñiz: “We have to play a good match with and without the ball”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference 48 hours before the match in Majadahonda. “The match is going to demand a good attack and a good defence, not one or the other”.

Cerro del Espino

“We’re going there with the intention of winning, regardless of how the match goes, or the situation or the weather; we cannot make excuses or after the match blame it on the condition of the pitch. If we say the ground was very bad it means the situation wasn’t any good. We have to try and win, no matter what the pitch is like”.

Rayo, a team that likes to touch the ball  

“If they like to have the ball, one form of doing some damage is trying to take the ball away. We know they are a team that likes to have long possessions and a lot of touch with the ball. We’ll need to play a very complete game, play a good match with the ball to minimise this strength they have and also play a good match without the ball as we know it’s another one of their strong points. The match is going to demand a good attack and a good defence, not one or the other”.

The environment, fundamental

“There’s a long way to go, but it’s getting less each time, or there’s not long left yet it feels like more every time. Now it’s about giving 100 per cent in every game, each one is the last and these three points are vital. The team that adapts better to situations and knows how to play the final moments with calm is the team that will have the advantage. The support and atmosphere at home should be like it was in the first half of the match the other day, the team was flying. The players were quick, intense, tough… This atmosphere benefits us a great deal and at home we expect it, especially in crucial matches”.

United in search of the objectives

“This is Málaga Club de Fútbol, this goes above everything else. Amongst us all we need to try and achieve our objective. We have a good disposition to be able to do so, we just need that last push. It’s up to us to give all we’ve got and not save an ounce of effort or a drop of sweat for the 90 minutes of every match. The other day we saw a team that gave everything on the pitch. Together, we are stronger”.