Multidisciplinary legal service at Ley 57

The law, tax, labour and accounting advisory firm in Alhaurín El Grande joins the network of Malaguista SMEs Playing at Home.


24/11/2022 17:03

Ley 57 is a company made up of a law, tax, labour and accounting consultancy service.

Located on Calle Guerrero Gajete 20 in the heart of Alhaurín El Grande, they offer multidisciplinary legal services, both for companies and individuals, backed by 15 years of experience.

Assistance in home purchase and mortgages, claims related to property purchases, family law, debt cancellation processes, commercial/bankruptcy law, criminal law, labour law, a consumer and banking law department, as well as the Ley 57 Consulting branch providing a tax and labour advisory service. These are all part of the extensive range of services offered.

And all this with a team of professionals specialised in all legal areas to provide the best service for their clients.

As well as the main office in Alhaurín El Grande, Ley 57 also have offices on Calle Marqués del Duero 67 in San Pedro de Alcántara, and on Calle Fiscal Luis Portero 7 in Málaga.

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