Morning session ahead of #RealOviedoMálaga

The team returned to training at La Rosaleda Stadium this Sunday morning, with the same players in action as yesterday. The lads will travel to Asturias this afternoon.


16/05/2021 11:57

The team stepped on to the pitch at La Rosaleda Stadium around 10:30 on this relaxed Sunday to work on the final details for #RealOviedoMálaga kicking off tomorrow at the Carlos Tartiere (19:00).

The same professionals and reserve team players, plus ‘juvenil’ Larrubia were in training today, totalling 24. The players absent from training continued with their recovery. Iván Calero again focused on specific work on the pitch before moving to the gym. There he joined Benkhemassa, Chavarría, Luis Muñoz and reserve team player Benítez. Ramón (resting), was also absent.

The team will head to Asturias on a charter flight at 18:00 for the LaLiga SmartBank matchday 39 fixture tomorrow at the Carlos Tartiere (19:00).

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15/06/2021 12:45 | Organisation

Master tour of La Rosaleda

Masters degree students from LaLiga Business School kicked off a tour of Andalucía yesterday, and after starting in Granada, the second stop was La Rosaleda Stadium.

08/06/2021 11:54 | Members / Associations / Followers

Loyal Malaguista

The new permanent Malaguista relationship will be available from tomorrow, Wednesday, allowing fans to maintain a connection with the Club throughout the calendar year, beyond the regular sporting season.