MCF Academy results

Malagueño’s match in Torremolinos had to be stopped at half-time; the Juvenil DH enjoyed an away win in Granada; and there was a full house of Malaguista victories in 7-a-side football.


11/01/2021 12:54


Third Division - Group IX (Subgroup B)

Juventud de Torremolinos CF 1 - 0 Atlético Malagueño

(Suspended at half-time because of the poor condition of the pitch due to the rain)

Juvenil - División de Honor

Granada CF 0 - 1 Málaga CF

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

Málaga CF 1 - 1 UD Mortadelo

Cadete - División de Honor

Granada CF 0 - 2 Málaga CF

1ª Infantil

Málaga CF 2 - 2 Marbella Paraíso CF

2ª Infantil

Málaga CF 4 - 0 Ath. Fuengirola



2ª Alevín

Málaga CF 6 - 0 Atco. Benamiel CF

3ª Alevín ‘A’

Málaga CF 6 - 2 Faro de Torrox

3ª Alevín ‘B’

CD de Febrero 2 - 4 Málaga CF

2ª Benjamín

Málaga CF 10 - 2 CD Rincón

3ª Prebenjamín

Málaga CF 9 - 0 UD La Mosca ‘B’


Women’s football

Reto Iberdrola - Group Sur ‘A’

Málaga CF 1 - 1 Granada CF

1ª Nacional

AD Mérida - Málaga CF ‘B’ (Postponed)

4ª Cadete

Málaga CF 0 - 4 DH San Andrés

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All MCF Academy matches postponed

The Blue and White youth teams and women’s teams will not be in action this weekend, their respective matches are being postponed due to COVID-19.

18/01/2021 11:01 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Female

MCF Academy match results

Atlético Malagueño didn’t manage to make a comeback in the second half of the match against Juventud de Torremolinos. The weekend featured several matches being postponed due to COVID-19.