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Atlético Malagueño

MCF Academy match schedule

This could be a triumphant weekend for the Academy. The Malaguista reserve team has everything in their favour to be proclaimed Third Division Group IX champions, whilst the Juvenil DH are seeking the División de Honor juvenil Group 4 title.

Atlético Malagueño

Manel Ruano’s boys (1st place, 80 points) with a +14-point advantage over their main follower, Almería B, welcome Huétor Vega (16th, 37 points) in the 34th league match. A positive result would mathematically give the Blue and Whites first place.

Juvenil A

Dely Valdés’s team are away to Betis in the last match of the competition. Málaga, in the lead with 75 points, face Betis (3rd, 71 points), with an eye on the duel between Córdoba CF (4th, 69 points) and Sevilla FC (2nd, 75 points). The double objective; winning the title and qualifying to defend their Copa de Campeones title.



Third Division - Group IX

Atlético Malagueño - CD Huétor Vega (Federación Malagueña)

Sunday 9, 12:00

Juvenil - División de Honor

Real Betis Balompié - Málaga CF (Ciudad Deportiva Luis del Sol)

Sunday 9, 12:00 | Broadcast on GOL

Infantil – 1st Andaluza

Málaga CF - Real Jaén (Virreina)

Saturday 8, 13:15



2nd Andaluza Alevín

Not in competition

3rd Andaluza Alevín ‘A’

Málaga CF - CD Puerto Malagueño (Los Prados)

Friday 7, 18:00

3rd Andaluza Alevín ‘B’

Málaga CF - UD Fuengirola (Los Prados)

Friday 7, 19:30

2nd Andaluza Benjamín

Not in competition

3rd Andaluza Benjamín ‘A’

Not in competition

3rd Andaluza Benjamín ‘B’

Not in competition



Women’s Second Division - Group IV

Not in competition

4th Andaluza Cadete

UD Mortadelo - Málaga CF

Friday 7, 18:30