Manolo Reina: “We’ll give our body and soul, this is just the beginning”

The goalkeeper was officially presented in the Juan Cortés press room at La Rosaleda, accompanied by the Club’s sporting director, Manolo Gaspar. The new Malaguista number ‘1’ is the first signing of the 22/23 season.


22/06/2022 14:52

The press conference kicked off with Manolo Gaspar thanking Manolo Reina for “joining us. He doesn't need much of an introduction. A Malaguista has returned, we’re thankful and proud,” he added.

Manolo Reina commented that “I really wanted to be here” and “I only wanted to play for Málaga,” which is why “the decision was very straightforward.” The keeper returns to his former home after nearly 15 years. However, he affirmed that “when you walk in here your hair stands on end. I’ve gone through so much here, I spent 10 years in all the divisions and had the pleasure of making my First Division debut. I’m 37, but probably more excited than the 20-year-olds,” said Manolo about his return to Málaga.

In regard to the experience he can bring to the group, Manolo is clear: “I'm a goalkeeper so I have to save the goals. I have experience and will try to help as much as I can. I’m here to set an example, not just to the young lads, to whomever, and make things easy. I’ve enjoyed a lengthy career and have been captain within several teams. When you’ve been playing football professionally for so many years it’s because you’re doing things well. I'm here to help, it doesn't matter if I'm a captain or not.”

When talking about the upcoming season that gets underway in August, he stressed that we must “try to learn from our mistakes and focus on this season. We all need to give all we’ve got so that the fans can identify with us. It’s the only way to achieve something beautiful. We’ll give our body and soul, we’ll fight, this is just the beginning. We can’t ask the fans for anything, if we give our all, they’ll be there for us,” he added.

In reference to the new ‘Goalkeepers’ Department’, he commented that “it’s essential. In every team, the role of the goalkeeper is becoming increasingly important.” In addition, his reunion with Antonio Tapia and El Viso “has been incredible. It’s an honour to have Tapia by my side, and we’ll continue learning.”

To end the press conference, Manolo was asked about his premature return to work: “The young lads started earlier, and I asked if I could join them. They’re very excited, there are some top quality players within the youth ranks. They’re all really keen, I’m delighted with them.”

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