Manolo Gaspar is a Loyal Malaguista, and you?

The Malaguista sporting director visited the MCF Store to collect his physical Loyal Malaguista card. Get yours and check out all the benefits!


30/07/2021 13:39

We can’t wait to enjoy La Rosaleda once again. Not long to go now Malaguistas until it’s a reality! On 9th June the Club launched the new ‘Loyal Malaguista’ card format, and more than 7,500 fans have made the most of the opportunity.

Among its many advantages, this revolutionary formula gives priority to the purchase of tickets with partial opening of the stadium. In addition, it offers great payment options; as it’s not linked to a seat, it allows residents outside of Malaga or people who are unable to attend to remain linked to the Club; as well as discounts at MCF Stores, etc.

Manolo Gaspar, the Malaguista Sporting director, didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of becoming a ‘Loyal Malaguista’. In addition, he took advantage of being able to collect the physical card from the MCF Store at La Rosaleda Stadium.

Don’t miss your chance to be a ‘Loyal Malaguista’ and accompany us on the return to the stadium!

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