Manolo 2023

The head of Málaga CF’s sports management this week renewed his contract until the end of the 2022/23 season, to the delight of Malaguismo.


20/02/2021 10:30

Condensing Manolo Gaspar’s career as head of the Club’s sports management into a few lines or an emotional video is no easy task. We could say the same about judicial administrator, José María Muñoz. He has been in charge of the entity for a year, fighting against all odds to make MCF viable, and who has reinforced his renewed commitment on his anniversary as administrator.

From the outset, Manolo's task was almost a Mission Impossible, an action movie title that could be applied to our very own Tom Cruise. But remember, Manolo has never been and will never be alone. He has an exceptional team tirelessly working alongside him. Malagueño by heart and Malaguista by devotion.

The skill, precision and determination involved in Manolo's decision-making cannot be understood without the support of his right-hand man, Francisco ‘Capote’. Not forgetting the scouts in 'La Cueva', the engine room which features the most illustrious surname in the history of CD Málaga, Martín Viberti, and the eagerness and determination of former homegrown player, Javi Henares.

Manolo Gaspar heads up the Club’s sports management with authority, but without authoritarianism, placing his trust of such important divisions as The Academy and women’s football in the hands of Duda and Raúl Iznata, who show their hard work, dedication and Malaguismo after years of defending the Blue and White colours on and off the pitch.

We don’t know if the near future will be a Mission Impossible II, but if that’s the case, we’re sure Manolo Cruise and his team will continue to put Málaga CF above all else with Memory, Commitment and Faith. At least until June 2023.


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