Malaguista sweepstakes are back with Sanamar!

Blue and White sponsor, Sanamar is organising a sweepstake in every Málaga CF game with some very special prizes. Get involved!


26/10/2020 11:00

During this 20/21 season, despite the difficulties we’re all facing due to COVID-19, we want to be as close as possible to our fans. As such, and with the help of Sanamar – notable Málaga-based company and 100% Malaguista – we’re going to organise a traditional sweepstake for every match our team plays in LaLiga SmartBank.

Sanamar has been producing and distributing food since 1979, being true specialists in fish and seafood. Top quality is the hallmark of this company’s products, which as well as supporting Málaga CF for a number of years, also supports the Club’s Foundation.

In a monthly draw amongst all participants who have achieved at least one result during that period, the lucky winner will receive a hamper full of Sanamar products that will be delivered to our stadium where they will be welcomed and treated as all Malaguistas deserve. We’re certain that the winners will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

How does the sweepstake work?

You just need to visit the page  and using the form (, make your match prediction after accepting the legal terms and conditions. You must send the result for the sweepstake up to an hour before the start of each match. At the end of every month, we’ll announce the winner on our social networks.

Get involved and enjoy the Sanamar Sweepstake!

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