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Malaguista haircare and beauty at AdaBella

The hair and beauty centre is now part of the Malaguista ‘Playing at Home’ initiative. On joining the Blue and White SME network, AdaBella offers a 10% discount to Malaguista season ticket holders.

AdaBella is synonymous with quality. This 'temple' is located on Calle Cisneros, 4 (Málaga). Located next to the historic quarter, this modern salon boasts a classic design with white walls and large mirrors. However, its best asset is its staff. They have a team of highly experienced professionals in hair care and in performing colour treatments.

Their wide range of treatments makes it the ideal hair and beauty salon for all Malaguistas. In addition, for Malaguista season ticket holders, AdaBella offers a 10% discount on all haircare products (unisex) and beauty (facial, body treatments etc.)

Thank you for looking after the Malaguistas, AdaBella!