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Málaga CF Female

Málaga’s Women suffer an unjust defeat in Mallorca

On Saturday Málaga lost its match against Collerense (1-0) in the second match of the season in the Women’s First Division.

 The early goal by Patri (minute 3) heralded the locals’ triumph against a Blues and Whites team who were so much more the superior side, especially in the second half.  The first away match of the league was a defeat for Manolo Navarrete’s girls who, being two games down, are now in the relegation zone.

UD Collerense: Andrea, Esther, Mariola, Anita, Rosita (María), M. Antonia, Patri (Laura), Capo, Tania (Vanesa), Marga and Vidal.
Málaga CF Femenino: Chelsea, Poti, Alicia, Rocío, María, Noelia, Ana Troyano, Anita, Sara (Marina), María José (Marta) and Thais (Esther).
1-0: Patri (3')
Matías Puigserver Trobat. He showed the yellow card to the Blues and Whites’ Rocío and Thais.
Municipal Coll Dèn Rebassa stadium, approximately 300 fans. The second match of the Women’s First Division in the 2011/12 season.