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Málaga loses their first game of the preseason against Cádiz

Málaga Football Club lost its first game of the preseason two nil after stumbling in the final of the Carranza Trophy against the hosts Cádiz.

Málaga’s first opportunity came after four minutes, with a chance for Rondón to get it to the back of the net, even though in an offside position after a good move by Bounanotte. From there on in, Cádiz was taking positions and holding Málaga’s attempts back.

After a few moves for the ball which saw Málaga get near the Cádiz goal, in the 20th minute Maresca finished off after a move to the left from Rondón. And from that moment Málaga stretched itself and got used to visiting Aulestia’s goal regularly.  Cádiz had its answer though with a decisive shot from Akinsola that Rubén stopped with an excellent intervention.
The second half began with a little less pace that the first; with a Cádiz which was well-settled on the pitch which put Málaga in the danger zone. In fact, on the 15th minute Rubén had to work hard to chop back at a shot by Oscar Pérez.
The changes were a breath of fresh air for the Blues and Whites, although a move by the left winger Kamil ended with a perfect centre for Juanjo’s header, giving Cádiz a one nil lead.

In the 45th minute of the game, Málaga attempted to draw, but the referee annulled a legal Van Nistelrooy goal after a pass from Joaquín. In the next moment the Cádiz player Dioni – who was in his debut match – took a shot, securing the two nil score.