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Málaga Femenino and the MCF Foundation, together to support the Butterfly Skin Association

Players, Adriana Martín and Alba Hoyas, along with Sebastián Fernández ‘Basti’ attended the II Anniversary of the Debra Spain Butterfly Children Charity Bench in Marbella.

Two years ago, Marbella firemen placed a charity bench at the peak of La Concha mountain, some 1.200 metres in height, to bring visibility to the rare disease, epidermolysis bullosa, commonly known as ‘butterfly skin’.

On the occasion of the II anniversary celebrations of this event, Málaga CF Femenino, represented by Malaguista team captain, Adriana Martín, and goalkeeper, Alba Hoyas; and the Málaga CF Foundation, represented by Sebastián Fernández ‘Basti’, wanted to join in and support this initiative, working towards a better quality of life for those affected by this disease, as well as increase awareness. Medal of Andalucía-winning dancer, Rafael Amargo was also present at the event.

The members of the Málaga Femenino squad presented the Debra Spain Butterfly Children Charity with a jersey signed by every player on the team, and met Adrián, a boy from Torrox (Málaga) affected by the disease.