Luis Hernández: “The fans are going to carry us through to the next round”

The Blue and White defender, who scored the 0-1 against Deportivo, highlights the fans’ decisive role in turning the tie around: “Together we’re going to get through this round”.


12/06/2019 23:55

Match summary

“They took the lead and the goals kept on coming, more due to our mistakes than their opportunities (…) The key to the match was what we did, as when we made errors, we gave Deportivo wings. From here on in, full of energy, we’ve got a great match coming up on Saturday, at our ground with our fans, and we’re going to take it forward”.

The fans are key

“They’ve accompanied us on this long journey since day one. All the tickets for Saturday’s game have gone, and I know what it’s like to play at a ground like that. They’re going to carry us through to the next round”.


“We’ll try to correct certain situations with energy and confidence. We are a top-level team and this setback is just a bump in the road”.


“We’re going to prepare for the next match with our mind set on Saturday, it’s the only objective and the only way to achieve it is in front of our fans. With positive energy, the team is confident and together we’re going to get through this round”.

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