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Luis H: “We’re a very good group”

The Malaguista defender analyses the team’s visit to Holland: “The climate helps during the pre-season, and the facilities are very good”.


“These first weeks are for gaining rhythm, strength and undergoing longer training sessions. Gradually we’ll start to see the Málaga we want to see to kick off the season”.

Feelings after the match against Sheffield United

“It’s difficult to draw conclusions, particularly in the first matches of the pre-season. There are a lot of young players and many new ones, who we’re getting to know little by little. In addition, the physical aspect was important. I think the best thing to do now is to accumulate minutes, gain pace and good sensations ahead of the first LaLiga games”.

Great work dynamic

“It was already seen last year, especially in the last two months. During this short period of time, I believe the team acquired the basic concepts that the coach wanted. Now it’s the case that with more time we’re working more, which is what the pre-season is all about. I hope we can continue along the same line on which we ended last season”.

Good dressing room, key in competing

“I’m very happy to form part of this Club, and am pleased with the dressing room we have. I think we’re a very good group. We all stress this in each interview, but it’s a reality. In such a difficult League competition, as long as it is, having a strong group is important. It’s the best way to work, and I’m delighted to be a part of it”.

New teammates

“They are players who will give everything they’ve got for the team. They are in line with us and, in addition, they have adapted very quickly. Not just because we’re such a good group, but because of their commitment and eagerness which is very positive. Particularly in the case of Paul, who isn’t from here but who is learning the language very well. The others are like him; Borja, Roberto and Adrián have integrated perfectly, they are part of the group, which is fundamental”.

Change of location, Holland

“Moving away from routine is exciting, the climate helps during the pre-season, and the facilities are very good. We’re determined to make the most of our time here”.


“At the end of the day, it’s about winning matches. It’s clear that those who’ve been here longer, or who have more experience, assume this role a little more, but we’re 23 players and we’ll all work together”.