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Luis H: “Victory is important to us”

The Malaguista central defender was in the mixed zone after #SportingMálaga: “It will give us peace of mind to face the final stretch of the season with more ease”.


“This is an important victory for us. We knew what we were playing for today, the importance of the match and above all, in breaking the dynamic of negative results which I think were undeserved on many occasions. Today we earned the three points from a difficult ground, with the rival making things very hard for us. On a collective level, we’re going home very happy”.


“When there’s a squad capable of other situations, and we were seeing week after week how hard it was for us to get results, naturally victory gives us confidence and peace of mind to face the final stretch of the season with more ease. Above all, it brings a greater level of calm to show our gameplay”.

Next rival, FC Barcelona

“We knew the upcoming schedule, so I think it’s great that we won the three points today, and have every ounce of enthusiasm to affront FC Barcelona.  Playing at our home ground, I think we’ll have options to cause them some damage. The important thing now is to rest and from tomorrow start preparing the match to claim a positive result”.