Loyal Malaguista

The new permanent Malaguista relationship will be available from tomorrow, Wednesday, allowing fans to maintain a connection with the Club throughout the calendar year, beyond the regular sporting season.


08/06/2021 11:54

Sit down, we need to talk. We’ve thought about it a lot and realised that a serious relationship can’t last only a few months. All that is in the past, we want to commit to you forever. This is why we present the Loyal Malaguista.

Forget about the term ‘season ticket’. Our relationship with you goes beyond a seat location in the stadium. Now you will become a Loyal Malaguista. What are we doing? We’re asking you to marry us!

This is a permanent relationship, not a temporary one. This way you maintain all the benefits throughout the year, as if it were a flat rate. From now on, you will never leave us, unless you fall out of love. We’ll explain how it works.

This model is very similar to a subscription. You choose: a cost of €2,90 a month, €15,90 every six months or €29 a year. This Loyal Malaguista is NOT subject to a seat location. If you wish, it allows you to have a Season Ticket or a Dynamic Ticket, but if you can’t come to La Rosaleda, you still maintain your privileges and seniority number.

What advantages are we talking about? Well, access to the Private Area, 10% discount in MCF Stores, ticket purchase priority should the Stadium only partially reopen, reduction in the price of tickets when normality returns, discounts for businesses within the ‘Playing at Home’ initiative, a number for next year's Plogging event (urban race against pollution) and much, much more!

Why the change?

There are many reasons why the Loyal Malaguista is better than the classic season ticket. As it is not necessarily related to a seat location, any fan who lives a long way from Málaga or who is unable to visit the Stadium for work reasons can become a Loyal Malaguista. In addition, if someone is in a delicate financial situation, they don’t have to renounce their seniority, since the Loyal Malaguista allows them to keep their number by making a moderate payment. We also avoid the limbo that occurs in summer when, at the end of the season, the season ticket is in a state of 'standby'.

Moreover, there’s a children’s version – up to 12 years of age – priced at €2,50 a month, €13,90 every six months and €25 a year. The main new addition is the Loyal Newborn Malaguista: for €1,90 a month, €10,50 every six months or €19 a year, allowing babies to be Loyal Malaguistas from birth. Of course, this doesn’t include a seat, Dynamic or Season Ticket, but we’ll send the new Malaguista a kit so that they can don their team’s colours from their first months of life.

To obtain a Season Ticket, is it necessary to be a Loyal Malaguista?

Yes, but don’t worry. Our intention is not to charge you more, but to prorate the prices. When the Season Ticket goes on sale, we will take into account that you have already contributed your €29 as a Loyal Malaguista.

What do you say? Will you marry us?

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