Loren: “It’s an extra motivation knowing they count on us”

The young Blue and White striker, who joined #MálagaMirandés in the final stages, said the rival “also played their game; in the end it was a 0-0 draw and a point each”.


16/08/2021 23:48

Loren Zúñiga summarised the match: “We started out very well, particularly our attacking display in the first half. The second half wasn’t as good, but its matchday 1 and we need to keep improving”.

“We’re focused on the day to day, and if new players arrive, we’ll welcome them with open arms”, he said about the possible arrival of new attackers. In regard to José Alberto and the homegrown players, “he already said he was going to count on us; it’s an extra motivation to be in the line-up each weekend, or try to accumulate minutes, which is very important”.

Finally, Loren highlights Mirandés’ good performance: “They’re a good team, they played their game; in the end it was a 0-0 draw and a point each. Now we’re focused on Ibiza”.

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The new Blue and White coach called up 23 players for #MálagaRealValladolid (18:15, La Rosaleda). The squad list includes 16 professional players, five reserve team members and ‘Juveniles’ Loren Zúñiga and Andrés Caro.