Looking to the future with Protec Group

Industry specialists in the construction and manufacturing of windows and doors, and an active member of the Malaguista Family, which they have recently joined.


22/05/2020 17:20

Protec Group is one of the new members of the Málaga CF family. However, they have integrated so well and so quickly that they are already another Malaguista playing an active role in The MBC, which they joined in the 2019/20 season.

They have shown great commitment to the Blue and White entity. At the hand of company director, André Jensen; sales director of Protec Distribuciones, Lorenzo Rey; and his head of marketing, Fabian Pakulat, we seek real, quality solutions and we can verify their excellent service.

Specialists in the construction and manufacturing of windows and doors, we can see the future more clearly thanks to their support. Protec Group started out in 1996 as a window company and moved into the construction sector in 2000, followed by real estate in 2002. In 2013 they made the definitive move to national distributions.

Their philosophy as a company, coupled with their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment are in line with the values of Málaga CF.

With Protec Group we make a great team!

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