Lombán: “We had the perfect match”

The Blue and White defender spoke after #MálagaGirona last night, dedicating the win to the fans: “If we’re alive this season, in large part it’s down to them”, he said.


29/06/2020 13:34

Key victory

“We’ve been looking for it and we needed it. As the matches go by and you don’t achieve victories, you stay put. In the need you need to win. We did it at home, against a direct rival. These matches are the ones that give you confidence”.

Perfect match

"We had the perfect match. The team performed very well. We all knew the situation we were in and what we were playing for. The goal also gave us a boost, it’s been difficult for us to score so when we got a goal and took the lead it gave us confidence, as did the rival expulsion, everything went our way. It was a pity that Adrián got sent off, luckily we were already 2-0 up, but having Sadiku and Adrián absent for the next game will penalise us”.

System with three centrals and two fullbacks

"We have players for this system, as Cifu and Juankar fit perfectly as fullbacks. They’re strong, speedy and never tire, so that position is ideal for them. Juande and Diego are also performing at a good level and we had another match where we kept a clean sheet. The team worked incredibly well upfront, Sadiku, Tete, Juanpi, the midfielders… they help us so much, which is important to win matches”.


"To the people who couldn’t be there and always want to be with us. This is an uncomfortable situation for them, which we’re sorry for, but if we’re alive this season, in large part it’s down to them. The support they have given us from day one is fundamental, and I think they truly deserve this victory”.

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Málaga CF statement

Málaga Club de Fútbol has appealed against the expulsion of David Lombán during the match against SD Huesca at La Rosaleda to the RFEF’s Competition Committee.