Last-minute goal keeps Femenino from well-deserved win (1-1)

A draw for Málaga CF Femenino (1-1) against LiberBank Santa Teresa on matchday 16 of Reto Iberdrola. Pamela put the locals in the lead, whereas Carrie took the game level.


12/01/2020 19:16

Victory was in touching distance for Málaga CF Femenino. The Blue and Whites dominated play and went ahead of LiberBank Santa Teresa de Badajoz (Grupo Sur de la Liga Reto Iberdrola leaders), but the rival from Extremadura equalised in 87’ with a goal from Carrie.

The Blue and White defence had more work during the initial stages of play against the dominance of Santa Teresa. A shot from Nayadet for the visitors that collided with the cross bar of Noelia Gil’s goal, sent out a warning to the Blue and Whites. The Malaguista reaction was quick with a precise cross from Farfán that María Ruiz didn’t manage to finish.

The match tempered as both teams tried to open the scoring. In 32’, after Encarni headed the ball to the area, Pamela gained possession following a mistake by the rival defence to take the Blue and Whites 1-0 up. The Uruguayan player, perfectly placed under the arch of the goal, sent the ball to the back of the net defended by Aguirre. The home side maintained their lead at half-time.

Málaga Femenino wanted to extend their lead in the second half. A Clo free kick, headed by María Ruiz, grazed the left post of the rival goal. Pamela also narrowly missed out on a second goal. She attempted to head the ball into the goal from an Adriana free kick, but her shot was diverted.  With three minutes remaining, Carrie went level. A Belén cross was converted by the U.S.-born player who surpassed Noelia (1-1). The Blue and Whites didn’t manage to score again, although Adriana tried her luck with a shot that didn’t connect with her teammates. The match ended all square. 

Match stats:

1-Málaga CF: Noelia Gil, Olmedo, Postigo, Encarni, Clo, Farfán (Carol Glez. m. 60), Pamela, Adriana (c), Ayano (Ornella, m. 71), María Ruiz (Marina, m.81) and Edna (Arantxa, m.88).

1-LiberBank Santa Teresa: Yolanda Aguirre, Marta Paralelo, Ariadna Rovirola (Carla, m. 67), Nayadet (Alicia, m. 80) López, Estafanía Lima, Belén Martínez, Carrie Madde, María Neira, Pinilla, Ayuso and Cuello (Alba Zafra, m.46).

Goals: 1-0: Pamela, m.32. 1-1: Carrie, m.87

Referee: Marta García Fernández (Comité Andaluz).

Information: Match corresponding to matchday 16 of Grupo Sur de la Liga Reto Iberdrola held at the Federación Malagueña de Fútbol in front of 300 fans.

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