'La VILLA asesores' also play at home

We love having businesses such as La Villa Asesores within our ‘playing at home’ initiative. A Malagueña and Malaguista like this one joins forces with the club during a difficult time for us all.


09/01/2021 16:15

La Villa Asesores is a consultancy providing comprehensive advisory services, with two offices in the province; one located in the La Luz neighbourhood and the other in the Málaga municipality of Coín, in Valle del Guadalhorce.

As they told us during our visit, “it is a top-level promotional opportunity” to which they have responded with a promotion for our season ticket holders. All Malaguista season ticket holders will have their first consultation with La Villa Asesores completely free of charge. They will be able to enjoy the benefits of the comprehensive advisory services for companies, the self-employed and individuals that the entity offers.

At Málaga CF and La Villa Asesores, “We Play At Home”. Thank you!

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21/02/2021 10:24 | Business

Playing at Home with Lacibis polyclinic

Lacibis polyclinic has been looking after Malaguistas at its centres in Coín, Alhaurín el Grande and Cártama for more than 25 years. Now, at their health centres, we also ‘play at home’.

13/02/2021 12:14 | Business

Playing at Home again!

The health authorities once again permit businesses to reopen in our city, with the Malaguista SMEs offering endless benefits to all Viento & Marea season ticket holders.