Kilometre 7: Málaga-Villarreal B

Pepe Mel’s debut in the local ‘Joaquín Peiró’ dugout ended in a draw that left a good feeling due to the team's improved gameplay.


26/09/2022 14:14

Here are some of the highlights from last Saturday’s #MálagaVillarrealB clash in our usual kilometre:

Pepe Mel’s debut

The Club’s 29th coach under the MCF name claimed a point from his first match heading up the Blue and Whites. Mel changed the system to an initial 1-4-1-4-1 formation, which in the second half was altered due to the various changes made on the attack. The team, well-positioned with and without the ball, proved to have quickly picked up some of the Madrid-born coach's classic concepts.

Starting line-up for Moussa and Murillo’s debut

During his extensive career, Mel has always given opportunities to young homegrown players. In the case of Moussa, even though he played in the Copa del Rey last season, this was his first official League match with Málaga CF at La Rosaleda. The impeccable African player put on an outstanding performance. His Malagueño teammate, Diego Murillo also enjoyed minutes at the end of the match, and his debut makes him player number 418 to wear the MCF jersey.

Hervías, one of the new faces in the 11

Following an injury-plagued season last year, the player from La Rioja was one of the most striking additions to Mel's first Malaguista line-up. Since 16th May 2021, in the Real Sociedad-Real Valladolid clash on First Division matchday 37, Hervías hasn’t been in a starting line-up in a League match. Substituted after 58 minutes, he performed well on the right wing.

Gallar-Castro connection

The second goal of the season for the number ‘24’, very similar in execution to the one he scored against Mirandés on matchday 3. And, like in that match, he converted a great cross from his partner Álex Gallar. Rubén has scored 280 goals between the First and Second Divisions (only one behind Telmo Zarra) and 187 goals in the silver division, 7 behind the historic ‘pichichi’ in the category, Nino.

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07/12/2022 13:22 | Press conference

Mel: “We’re going to give our all”

The Málaga CF coach talked about the team’s current situation in the run-up to tomorrow’s clash with Granada CF: “We’re on the right track, the team doesn't see itself being outclassed by any rival.”