Kilometre 34: Why not?

It was a solid win for Málaga in yesterday’s league duel against Albacete at La Rosaleda. A 2-0 victory that, almost, seals our place in LaLiga SmartBank for another season.


12/04/2021 19:34

There were numerous positives from #MálagaAlbacete that we look at here in our usual kilometre:

Yanis, 10 out of 10

The left-winger opened the scoring following an assist from Ale Benítez. This is his fifth league goal, making him joint ‘pichichi’ with Luis Muñoz. In addition, he has provided the most assists on the team, with five goal passes. In other words, he’s had a direct impact on 10 of MCF’s 32 goals in the silver division. Or nearly one in three Malaguista goals has passed by Yanis Rahmani’s boots.

You deserve it, Caye

The Huelva-born forward scored the definitive 2-0 with a textbook counterattack. Cristian, with a superb long ball, enabled Jairo who advanced on the right and set up a precise assist for Caye, who slammed the ball into the net. His second league goal (he scored two in the Cup) for a player who, beyond the stats, provides highly valid intangibles on the attack. A well-deserved goal.

Lucky 13

Something for the superstitious. Málaga clinched their 13th victory this season in LaLiga SmartBank, the fifth at home, three of which are out of the last five games at La Rosaleda. In addition, we are 13 points away from the team fourth from bottom in the standings, FC Cartagena. Oh, and tomorrow is Tuesday…the 13th.

Dare to dream?

From a place of reflection and analysis, of course. With permanency almost sealed, 48 points in the pot with 24 left in play and seven away from sixth place that determined the playoff positions. ‘Why Not?’ - as Yanis would say, which can be compared to Pellicer’s typical team talk full of ‘humility and ambition’, generating excitement amongst Malaguistas during the final stretch of the season. If we look at the team dynamics…watch this space…

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12/05/2021 12:53 | Training

Morning training returns to La Rosaleda

The Malaguista first team was back in training this Wednesday morning between 10:30 and 12:00 at La Rosaleda Stadium. Luis Muñoz remained in the gym due to a slight muscular strain.