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Press conference

Juande: “I’m sure that victory will come”

The Malaguista centre-back spoke in the post-match after returning to the starting-11 and scoring the equaliser against AD Ceuta FC. “In the last stretch it is difficult to win games. We have to continue insisting,” he said.

Back to the starting-11 with a goal

“I’m very happy with the goal and the game, it’s been a reward for the invisible work during this time that I haven’t been able to play. I’ve seen the team doing very well, there have been phases in which we have dominated. We played a good game, we had many chances. Now we are not able to win, but the team’s attitude and gameplay are very good.”

Very difficult competition

“We know that the league is very difficult and the rivals play very well. In the last stretch it is difficult to win the games, this one was practically a playoff. It has to help us learn, we have to continue with the game and the victories will come. By playing like today they will arrive.”

Sharpen the aim and continue

“We needed to score one more goal than the rival as we had the gameplay and the chances. We weren’t successful in front of goal, we had quite a few attempts. We have to continue insisting, football goes in streaks. We've had three games where it hasn't gone our way, but I'm sure it will come.”

A lot of work behind the scenes

“It's not easy, because you work a lot in the background. You don't see the work of players who don't play, and even so you have to be strong-minded. All players go through this moment, you have to be constant and keep each player's goal in mind. You have to keep working and take advantage of the opportunities. Enjoy today's game and continue doing so. If I have another game like today, I'll continue enjoying it.”