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Press conference

Jozabed: “We depend on ourselves, there’s no point looking back”

The Blue and White midfielder held a press conference at La Rosaleda. “There’s no use speculating. We need to focus on winning every match,” he said.

“This is a shorter week, but it’s another week, with intense training sessions and working on things the coach has analysed about Las Palmas. The team is doing pretty well, our spirits are up,” Jozabed started out by saying. “Over these last five matches we need to secure our place in the division as soon as we can. We depend on ourselves, there’s no point looking back. Here’s to winning and letting the rest of the teams look at us.”

From a personal viewpoint, he added “yes, I'm feeling good. The coach asks me for something different in each match depending on the rival, and I try to do the best I can. I feel at ease with his way of seeing football,” explained the midfielder, who highlighted Guede's “intensity” and “tactical variation.”

‘Joza’ went on to say that in football “you see lots of strange things, it’s best not to worry about that. There’s no use speculating. We need to focus on winning every match. Once you win you’ve done your job, then we can look at the rest,” he stated.

In regard to Las Palmas, he expects a “difficult match”, as this rival “was the best team to visit La Rosaleda in the first round. They have exquisite treatment of the ball, and without possession we’re going to have to perform very well. If they feel comfortable with the ball they become a very dangerous side,” said the number ‘19’.

Lastly, Jozabed doesn't see himself “sending messages to the fans”, but “I can say that the ambience at La Rosaleda the other day was magnificent. Such a wonderful atmosphere, the fans were cheering on the players throughout. For the last two home games we have to make the ground a pressure cooker, which it already is. La Rosaleda must be a fortress,” he said.