José González: “I’m not going to give up”

The Málaga CF coach attended to the media following the match against UD Las Palmas: “Football is being hard on us”.


06/02/2018 00:38

Unfair football

“I don’t think football has been fair. We had moments during the match where we could have taken a 0-1 lead to make it an uphill struggle for Las Palmas, but we weren’t successful in front of goal. The same thing happened to us against Eibar, with fewer opportunities, but they were much clearer. In football, when you don’t score, the opponent can get a goal from the least dangerous opportunity. I don’t think it’s fair. In the second half we found what we were looking for. We can’t say anything else. Many times you get what you deserve, but we deserved much more than we’re taking away from this game”.

Tough blow

“The players are destroyed. At times we came close to victory. Those who came off the bench did very well. The team showed signs of growth. There was quick movement on the wing. We wanted to win the match, yet we were dealt a harsh blow from the least promising occasion. Football is very tough at times. They say that things usually turn around. Hopefully that will be the case, as football is being very hard on us”. 

Need for points

“It’s a very hard time for us, and tomorrow, when we see the standings, it will hurt even more. We have room for improvement. The new arrivals will compete better as time passes. Obviously, we need points, but my players will not give up”.

Continue to grow

“I will not give up on this effort. I don’t know how many points Getafe had, or Leganés on this matchday in the first round, but they earned 25, 26, 27. We have to look in that mirror. We had two points. We have to fight and I’m not going to give up. The team is competing, performing within their possibilities and growing”.