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Press conference

Javi Gracia: “A draw is a fair result”

The Málaga CF coach says the 1-1 draw was “fair” in Las Palmas “due to the hard work of both teams.”

Match analysis

“We started off well, had possession, arrived at the area, and although we didn’t convert, we didn’t suffer too much.  The rival didn’t show their fluid gameplay that they’re used to, which I think was due to our work in defence.  In the second half we were a goal down so it spurred us on a little more as we went in search of an equaliser to at least claim a point.  We could have been more accurate at times, although I think a draw is a fair result due to the hard work of both teams.”

Seventh victory

“We can’t lose this humility or the value we place on things that cost all teams a great deal.  Regardless of achieving four victories, I remain with a positive message: we reached the seven match on the run without defeat.”

Chory Castro

“Chory performed at a good level, he was strong and did what we asked of him today.  I’m pleased with the work he did on his first day, along with the rest of the team.”

Santa Cruz

“Roque continues to defy the years with regards to his skill and what he brings to the team, and I’m very happy for him and his goal.  Also because the players who participate less get the recognition too.”