Hervías: “We gave our all to win”

The winger held a press conference following the match against Villarreal B. “The 1-1 draw is a pity as in the second half we had three or four clear chances,” said the Malaguista number ‘14’.


24/09/2022 22:13

The Blue and White player debuted in the starting-11 this season, in what was a very special match for Pablo. “I haven’t been in the starting line-up for 16 months or so, last year I had three operations and only played six matches. I was a little restless at the beginning, but I was raring to go,” he affirmed.

The match ended in a draw but “we couldn’t have done any more. On the one hand we’re happy as we did everything possible to win. We gave 100 per cent. Yet on the other hand we’re disappointed as now we need to win the three points.” He also went on to talk about the circumstances surrounding the team: “With a change of coach you start from scratch. We’re angry at the position we’re in. There have been many games that we didn’t deserve to lose. At home, with our people, change of coach and system - everything adds up. The 1-1 draw is a pity as in the second half we had three or four clear chances.”

In regard to the arrival of Pepe Mel, Pablo commented that “he conveyed confidence to us from the outset. He’s very calm, has a great deal of experience and gives us peace of mind. We have a great team and things are going to go well,” he said.

Finally, he stated that “when we find the good dynamic, the goals will come. When we win a match, they’ll all go in,” he concluded.

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