‘Gigantes del Baloncesto Malagueño’, in memory of 80 years of La Rosaleda

The Málaga CF Foundation, together with Fundación Málaga, presented today the solidarity book on the history of the Club Deportivo Málaga basketball team: ‘Gigantes del Baloncesto Malagueño’.


13/04/2021 15:38

Málaga Club de Fútbol, via its Foundation, and alongside historian Domingo Muñoz, have written this book to celebrate the 80th anniversary of La Rosaleda Stadium. It was presented today to honour that first match. The book focuses on the history of the CD Málaga basketball team between 1964 and 1975.

The Málaga CF Foundation has had the invaluable help of the Fundación Málaga in the publishing of this book, which is structured as if it were a basketball match of the time (60s/70s), and is divided into two halves, plus stoppage time. The reader learns how the team came about, its trajectory, players, results and classifications, featuring writing from several former players and coaches.

The book is a clear tribute to the players and coaches of CD Málaga de Baloncesto, who marked a before and after in the future of basketball in the city of Málaga. The team played the First Division promotion playoffs five times, which today would be the ACB.

In attendance at the presentation were Juan Carlos Maldonado, vice president of the Diputación de Málaga and delegate for Sport; Mercedes García Paine, delegate for Education and Sport at the Junta de Andalucía; José Luis Paradas Romero, manager of Málaga Deporte y Eventos; and Ricardo Bandrés, FAB – Málaga delegate. Javier Imbroda, Minister of Education and Sport at the Junta de Andalucía, who wrote the book’s prologue, attended remotely, sending an emotional message.

Club Baloncesto Unicaja de Málaga also supported the Entity with the presence of José Carlos Gaspar (director of Sales, Public Relations, Protocol, Social Marketing and CSR).

On behalf of Málaga Club de Fútbol, present were José María Muñoz, Judicial Administrator and President of the Málaga CF Foundation; Manolo Gaspar, Sports Manager; Francisco Martín Aguilar, Protocol and Institutional Relations adviser; Sergio Pellicer, Málaga CF coach; as well as Lucas Rodríguez and Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’, representing the MCF Foundation.

On behalf of Fundación Málaga, president Juan Cobalea was present. In addition, Alfonso Queipo de Llano, José María Martín Urbano, Francisco Ramos and Jacinto Castillo represented the CD Málaga basketball players. Moreover, Juan Luis Roquero who was the link between the writers and the Club, and Eugenio Griñán, sports photographer at the time who provided the majority of the images for “Gigantes del Baloncesto Malagueño”, were also present at the event.

The cover and back cover of the book were designed by graphic satirist Pachi Idígoras, who wanted to collaborate in this way with the solidarity book.

In order to bring ’Gigantes del Baloncesto Malagueño’ to life, we also had the help and collaboration of Ángel Álvarez Valverde, the Historical Photo Archive of the University of Malaga, Fundación del Bàsquet Català and SUR.

The book can be purchased at the official store at La Rosaleda or online, with funds raised going to the historical social actions of the MCF Foundation.

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