Game, set and…networking

The MBC met at the facilities of Inacua Málaga to take part in the traditional paddle tennis tournament. A total of 28 participants, including Malaguista coach, José González, enjoyed a pleasant day of sport.


10/04/2018 15:40

Málaga CF’s Business Club (The MBC) took part in the annual paddle tennis tournament at Inacua Málaga. In the brand-new racket section, the 28 players were grouped into 14 pairs to take part in the competition.

Although paddle tennis was undoubtedly the main sport of the day, those present were able to enjoy the impressive facilities and fun games of ‘Bubble Soccer’. Blue and Whites’ coach, José González was invited to the event, along with first team delegate, Josemi; physical trainer, Sergio Domínguez; and head of equipment, Miguel Zambrana.

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09/12/2019 16:01 | Business

In good Malaguista hands, with Grupo ANP

The company specialising in occupational risk prevention has, for several years, been adviser to Málaga CF in this area, looking after the health and safety of all employees.