Four new faces in today’s training at La Rosaleda

Málaga CF resumed training this Thursday morning at La Rosaleda Stadium. Jairo, Escassi, Benkhemassa and Chavarría re-joined the group under Sergio Pellicer’s orders.


10/12/2020 14:36

Following an initial video session, just before 11am the Malaguista players stepped on to the main pitch at Martiricos to undergo technical-tactical exercises with the ball until after 12pm.

Goalkeepers Dani Barrio, Juan Soriano and homegrown keeper Gonzalo were in training today, along with 25 players (including Aarón, without federative registration) including reserve team members Ismael, Ramón, Hicham, Quintana, Cristo, Benítez, Juan Cruz, Mini, Julio and juvenil player Larrubia.

The positive news of the day was the return to the group of Jairo, Escassi, Benkhemassa and Chavarría at a good pace. Yanis and Juande remained in the gym today to undergo preventive training.

Tomorrow, Friday at 10:30, the team will resume training at La Rosaleda’s facilities.

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02/03/2021 15:12 | Medical report

Chavarría medical report

The Blue and White striker sustained injury yesterday during #MirandésMálaga and suffers a tear to the cruciate ligament in his left knee.